Areas of Emphasis

Our focal points are those population groups which are frequently at a social disadvantage:

  • Older people, especially older women,
  • People with a handicap and/or health impairment,
  • Migrants,
  • That part of the population which is unemployed or works informally.

Our primary objectives are to analyse living situations and determine where there is likelihood for improvement, to enhance the potential for involvement in society, and to investigate to what extent equal opportunities are guaranteed.

In order to achieve useful and effective results which lead to transformation, it is essential to analyse situations and clearly identify problem areas which are often complex. It is imperative to develop innovations and changes in such a way that they will be readily accepted.

By steering civic engagement scientifically, we benefit from synergy. Applied in a way that is rational and constructive, this process contributes to active participation in society and transforms situations into a lifelong learning experience for the parties concerned.

On behalf of and in association with various partners, ISIS researches and develops a range of diverse fields and spheres of work which frequently overlap and cannot be clearly distinguished, among others: demographic change, gender, migration, civil society, health, education and employment as well as social affairs and sports.

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