About Us

We provide consulting services and support for public and private institutions in the formulation and development of viable and sustainable projects. While relying on existing structures, we implement innovative approaches in order to connect with target groups. Specifically, we work within the framework of initiatives and cooperate with social institutions and socio-political decision makers in order to include their experience in finding and testing context oriented and custom-made solutions. We believe that only through the integration and involvement of those affected, can changes and improvements be established, developed and utilised on a sustainable basis.

Such changes and improvements are not static; indeed, they need constant attention if they are to be maintained. Therefore, we give high priority to extensive social research, project development and consulting as well as constant systemic analysis and evaluation.

As a research institute, we have coordinated and participated in international, domestic and regional projects for many years. We are an active partner in a stable and wide-ranging network in Germany and throughout the European Union. Not only do we profit from this network, it is also of benefit to our clients and associates, not to mention the actual target groups.